October 2011

Warring Couples

Moving from war to a re-humanising peace in your relationships.  Non-violence towards self and others is a key to change.

We recently posted The Golden Rules of Relationships which highlighted the importance of feeling our feelings. Another way to say this is "Stop the violence within ourselves". What violence? That caused by the self-imposed requirement, based on our experience in the world, to push down how we really feel, how we would naturally react. We […] Read More

From Illness to Stillness

Illness is a blessing that offers a great opportunity.

We're excited to hear about a new book From Illness to Stillness due out soon, by Michael Harrington. Uncovering your innermost being releases a wondrous diamond. Once it begins to emerge from the layers of conditioning, a realization dawns: you are ageless and timeless. When every free instant goes into this quest, you will no […] Read More