May 2012

Are We Sleeping with our Expectations?

Why might couples come together in the first place?  What are they trying to achieve? Can we get what we want?

Are we sleeping with our expectations of our partner? Is there a day-to-day story (delicately held, away from the light) of the deal we have done to make ourselves feel safe, to complete an old story? In other words, are we willing to investigate; perhaps even to bring our unconscious expectations into the light in […] Read More

Beyond Narcissistic Wounding

Getting past the original narcissistic wounding to find a place of connection through feelings, sensations and understanding.

Often couples come into therapy recounting an argument they've had. Each partner valiantly tries to get us to agree that their own position is correct. Well, it won't work. We're not there to be adjudicators. Actually, we're not even there to resolve conflict (which may sound strange, but more on that later). What the couple […] Read More