Articles about Existentialism

These articles refer to the strand of psychotherapy that considers how we crave connection and intimacy, despite the fact that our experience in life is often of being alone. We may have a dread of death. Existentialist counselling and therapy examines the way we hold anxieties around loneliness and death, and how we can obtain relief from this experience.

Looking for Living Waters

Clement’s Underwater Shrine Depicted at Chartres Cathedral

Living waters are a powerful symbol in ancient texts. Not just texts of language either: above is an image I took earlier this year of one of the pediments to the South Transept at Chartres Cathedral. It's a detail of the Porch of Martyrs with Saints Theodore, Stephen, Pope Clement and Saint Lawrence. After the […] Read More

Depression, Addictions and Guilt/Shame Cycles

Depression, Addictions and Guilt – Shame Cycles

Here’s a model that can help in understanding depression, addictions and self-esteem issues. The model’s both old and new, deriving from ancient reflective practices, as well as from Jung and beyond, up to contemporary psychotherapy. Although the model may not be the one answer to (for example) substance addiction (which is, potentially, a complex response […] Read More

The Perils of Character Development

In Gestalt we’re often working with the Here and Now, with what’s arising in the present moment. But of course, what’s arising is often predicated upon our habitual patterns of coping, on our creative adaptations (as they’re termed in Gestalt). These adaptations we consider “creative” because it’s these that have enabled us to accommodate to […] Read More

Riding the Horse of Fear

Fear is something we all, to some degree, have a relationship with. And we spoke in our last post about the brain's bias towards negativity (see Understanding the Emotional Brain). Much has been written in the field of psychotherapy about this subject and how it plays out in our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously. The […] Read More