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Welcome to Therapy Duo Counselling & Psychotherapy

Ron Dowd and Amanda Gruhn – Couples Counsellors and Psychotherapists based in Double Bay Sydney

Ron Dowd and Amanda Gruhn

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We are two psychotherapists, passionate about counselling, relationships and therapy, available for face-to-face consultation in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and also offering online and telephone sessions.

We work with couples (heterosexual and same-sex) and with individuals. We also work together with couples (both therapists in the room).

We Know This Process Works

We’ve been through it ourselves.

We know this works because we’ve both been through it. We’ve each had years of our own personal therapy. We’ve had our ups and downs as a married couple and have sought couples therapy ourselves (and have experienced both good and bad examples).

We’re continually refining what we do – using ourselves and our relationship as a testing ground. We practice what we preach.

A New Therapy for Each Individual and Couple

We know this has to work for you. We don’t work from a formula: meeting with us is a creative process, an open exploration of new possibilities. In effect, it’s a new therapy for each individual and couple who choose to work with us.

Creative and Supportive

We’re not here to judge you, we’re not here to analyse you; we’re here to support you to heal and grow – whatever the life challenge.

Here and Now

In our approach we may spend time talking about the past but our focus is always on what’s happening here and now and what you want your life to look like.

Loving What We Do

Loving what we do makes us effective.

It’s loving the work we do that makes it really effective. We believe and know from experience that if you really love what you do you’ll excel at it.

When you love what you do, you want to keep learning and you want to be the best you can – for yourself and for those you work with. This is our approach.


Whether you come to us as a couple for Couples Counselling, or as an individual for Personal Counselling, our emphasis is always on relationship.

In Gestalt, relationships are crucial.

Our relational focus is informed both by our Gestalt training, and by the conviction we hold, based on our many experiences working with people, that relationships (both those in the present and those that have formed us in the past) are crucial to our sense of well-being and our ability to cope with the vicissitudes of life. At heart, we consider ourselves Relationship Counsellors / Therapists.

We are happy to talk with you about your needs, or your concerns relating to Counselling and Therapy. Phone Ron on 0422 975 179 or Amanda on 0422 978 367. Or make an enquiry on our Contact page.

Our Articles

Over the past ten years we’ve written blog posts and articles that we hope support people in their relationships and in their inner work. Here are some of the really popular ones.