April 2012

Revelation and Intimations of a Dark Couple

What can be revealed when a couple opens their eyes to the unconscious dynamics that rule their relationship.

Gary Shead’s Etching Revelation We recently moved Revelation (image above) to our therapy rooms and it was interesting to do so – we began to notice it more than we’d done in quite a while (having lived with it at home for at least 10 years). Shead’s work presents powerful icons of Australia and the […] Read More

I Want To Build Trust But S/he Is Not Trustworthy

Building or rebuilding that subtle bond of trust and truth with an intimate partner.

How to Build Trust? We often see this: the couple want to work on “building trust”. The issue shows up in many different ways. One person may allude to not trusting the other with money, or one person might say “If I am vulnerable it will be used against me later”. And these things may […] Read More