December 2012

If You’re Nice to Me, I’ll be Nice to You

Giving to get can never make you happy.  We are wired for reciprocity but only when it’s through genuine care.

Giving to Get It’s that time of year again, the festive season. Families get together to celebrate, partners negotiate how to deal with competing needs. Let’s consider how we may consciously or unconsciously give to get – instead of just giving from our hearts with no need for anything in return. Relationships are often built […] Read More

Escaping the Narcissistic Bubble

Fear can be an instinctual defence but one that stands in the way of a happy future.   Forgiveness could be the answer.

Narcissistic Wounding We spoke in a recent article about Narcissistic Wounding in the couple relationship, and how learning to withstand this wounding can be a powerful way of transforming a relationship. The artist Louise Bourgeois had a deep understanding of narcissism, as evidenced by the rich art works she made over many years. In these […] Read More