Ron Dowd

Ron Dowd, Gestalt Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Ron Dowd, Gestalt Counsellor & Psychotherapist


Ron comes from New Zealand, and had a childhood of forest, lakes and natural freedom – which informs his desire now to live a simple life.

After a stint in London, he settled in Sydney and was lucky enough to meet Amanda Gruhn in 1999. They studied Gestalt Psychotherapy together, and the experience of studying together has informed their work with the Co-therapy model.


Ron holds Engineering degrees, and worked in IT for many years prior to his interest in art and psychotherapy taking over. He holds BFA and MA (Hons) degrees in Fine Arts, and an Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Ron is a Clinical Member of PACFA, Reg. 21768. He’s also a GANZ member.


Ron is interested in the possibilities of healing, that can come about when we inquire into our constructed sense of identity. He’s interested in questioning what we think we “stand for”, in the interests of finding a more real sense of ourselves.

Ron’s approach has been influenced by Taoism and Zen (which were strong influences on the development of Gestalt Psychotherapy in its early days).

He has a long-standing interest in Jung, alchemy and depth psychology, and his MA (Hons) thesis was on the imaginal (James Hillman‘s term), landscape and the underlying nondual.

He’s interested in creativity, energy, Taoism, Zen, the experience of Eros in life, and how we can live lives that are soulful and imaginative. He has an on-line art practice.