Articles on Body Wisdom

These articles refer to a potentially powerful aspect of therapy: using the experiences and wisdom of the body to explore the ways we hold trauma, and to provide healing. Body-focused or somatic therapy can help heal PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and other mental and physical trauma-related health problems.

Depth Enquiry We’re pleased to announce a new page on the Therapy Duo site that discusses Amanda’s Depth Enquiry technique. She’s been developing this technique for several years now, and has achieved some remarkable results with clients. Depth Enquiry (DE) is an extension to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). DE can take clients to [...]

Our Sexual Intimacy Program (SIP) We’re please to announce our Sexual Intimacy Program (SIP), which we’ve been thinking about and developing for a while now. We’re excited about this program, not only because it has some great ideas and practical exercises that couples do at home, but because we now have enough evidence to know [...]

The Barbs and Wounds of Intimate Relationships Often couples come into therapy recounting an argument they’ve had. Each partner valiantly tries to get us to agree that their own position is correct. Well, it won’t work. We’re not there to be adjudicators. Actually, we’re not even there to resolve conflict (which may sound strange, but [...]

Non-Verbal Communication We recently posted an article on the trio of Attention, Appreciation and Affection from the recent Art of Love 2011 online series. And here’s another snippet from the series that also caught our eye, from an interview with Gay and Kathleen Hendricks on a common issue for couples: how to break potentially endless [...]

A Rich Book on Illness We’re excited to hear about a new book From Illness to Stillness due out soon, by Michael Harrington. From the Introduction Uncovering your innermost being releases a wondrous diamond. Once it begins to emerge from the layers of conditioning, a realization dawns: you are ageless and timeless. When every free [...]