Our Policies & Procedures

To help our busy practice run smoothly and give you the best attention, we’ve implemented the following policies and procedures.

Please see also our policy for covid.

48 Hours Cancellation

Once you have made a firm booking with us, we ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation. This gives us the chance to make the cancelled appointment time available to someone else who may be waiting.

Otherwise, we expect full payment for the session you booked.

Arrival on Time

There is no waiting room at our Double Bay office so please ring the buzzer at your appointed time and not before (as we may still be with another client or may be attending to administrative or personal tasks).

Having said that, if you’ve arrived early and you’d like to let us know you’ve arrived, feel free to send an SMS (rather than ringing the buzzer). We may be able to start early!

Couples Please Arrive Together

If you are coming as a couple please arrive together. It is important for there to be complete transparency about what is being said, and this cannot be assured if one partner is in the room before the other.

Payments – In Person

For sessions in person at Double Bay, please make payment during the course of your session. You can pay by Credit Card, EFTPOS or with Cash.

Payments – On-Line or Phone

For on-line sessions (Skype or FaceTime) or by phone, please pay by EFT or PayPal. (We can give you the payment details.) We expect to receive payment prior to your session.


We do not issue receipts at the time of a session but provide email receipts (in PDF format) at the frequency you request.


Our preference is for clients to make a regular appointment time as the practice is full and you may otherwise miss out on the time you want.

Holidays and Breaks

Please let us know as early as possible if you have holidays or other breaks planned. This enables repeat session bookings, for the time you are away, to be freed up for others.

Thanks for reading our policies and procedures!