Gender Diversity, Transgender, and Transitioning

Gender Fluidity, Transgender, Transitioning

Spiraling Arrows, Louise Bourgeois, 2004

Gender Diversity

Gender diversity is a huge topic, with no two people having the same story or the same reasons to explore the subject. The term LBGTQIA does not take into account the rich diversity of people within the groups it covers.

Therapy and Explorations of Gender

Personal therapy can be a wonderful tool and support for exploring and learning more about the expression of your gender, and the meaning of gender in your life.

We see each person as a masterpiece, and the complexity of each individual is what makes them shine. If you would like to explore more about what it is that is you, and how to be authentic in your experience and expression of life, it can be well worth the time in reflection and conversation with an unbiased and confidential support.

What We offer

Here is some of what we offer for those looking at ideas and issues around gender diversity:

  • Support for those who have transitioned or are considering transitioning
  • A neutral place to explore gender diversity
  • Help with confusion around gender
  • Support for couples where gender identity is a factor
  • Exploring new ways of being
  • Looking at what is required to transition
  • Coming out
  • Support with the complexities of social interactions for the gender diverse.

If you would like to talk about your personal questions, story or concerns please feel free to call us to discuss what you are seeking.