Welcome to our Services page. Here you’ll find a summary of what we focus on and what we offer.

Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length, although for initial sessions we sometimes suggest 90 minutes.

Couples Counselling & Therapy

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  • Choose Amanda or Ron for Couples Therapy.
  • We’re skilled at a range of Couple and Marriage issues including breaches of trust and affairs.
  • We’re also skilled in working with blended families, ex-partners, in-laws and with inter-generational issues.
  • Our approach is a blend of Gestalt techniques, Attachment Theory, emotional focussed therapy, and work on our own relationship.
  • Mediation Therapy, when a relationship is ending.
  • We’ve worked with Couples since 2006.

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Individuals and Personal Counselling

See also our Resources for Individuals

Family Counselling

  • Mediation Therapy.
  • Workings with adult siblings to resolve childhood issues.
  • Working with one or both parents and their child/children to resolve issues.
  • Managing family dynamics, parenting skills, building children’s self esteem.
  • Managing couple conflict regarding parenting, and responding sensitively and appropriately to children’s emotional needs.
  • Coping with ADHD and autism.

For Therapists (Offered by Amanda)

  • Leave a message or arrange to chat with us informally – see our Contact details.
  • We offer all our services either in person in Double Bay (Sydney), or by online or phone.