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Personal Counselling and Therapy - The Birth of Speech

The Birth of Speech, Rajasthan, Anonymous

This is your safe place to explore and work on what you need to get relief – whether it’s through a crisis, a change in life circumstances, an addiction (in whatever form), difficulties in relationships, gender and sexuality, or from a possibly old or enduring sense of malaise or lack.

If continued longer term, working in this safe place can change your understanding of who you are.

We offer a supportive, private and non-judgemental environment in which we can travel these sometimes difficult paths together.


We believe that relationship issues can often be the underpinning of many other issues. We work with you to form stronger relationship bonds, be they with your intimate partner, family members or work colleagues. You don’t need to be in an intimate relationship to work on relationship skills.

Impediments to Change

Sometimes it’s habitual behaviours that impede your ability to change. These behaviours usually start early in life, as a response to circumstances. At that time, these behaviours may have been beneficial and may have created safety and a way of managing.

Such behaviours may, however, no longer be useful, and may be preventing you from getting what you now need. Therapy with us is a way of unlearning such old, fixed patterns and creating new choices.


It has been said that shame is itself shaming; we retreat not only from our shame but from our experiencing of that shame.

We believe there is a deep healing power in working through issues that are heavy with shame, and in bringing to the surface painful residual shame that may not be associated with any one particular issue, but which stays as a depressive weight (often called “ground shame”).

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