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Regain the Sense of Calm in Your Relationship & Find your Excitement for Your Partner by Relaxing Your Nervous System

Feel a sense of safety and intimacy in your relationship with your partner.

Experience the ability for deeper conversations without difficulty.

We’ve condensed 18 years of working with hundreds of couples into this easy to follow step by step online course.  The skills you’ll learn are what couples have told us work the best.

Amanda introduces the course (25 sec) …

A Course For All Couples

If you don’t want to have to share your story with a therapist.

If you want to learn more about each other and communicate better.

You want more theory about couple dynamics.

You prefer self directed learning.

You don’t have time to go to a therapist.

You are in-between relationships but want more skills for the next one.

What You Get

A guide to help you understand some of the confusing reasons you might be feeling friction in your relationship.

New skills.

Videos to explain all of the ideas and theories.

Links to recommended books.

Papers for deeper reflection and understanding of the concepts explained (PDF).

Homework with active behavioural change exercises.

Worksheets to help you practice.

Amanda is in her element as your enthusiastic presenter for this course. This course delivers REAL content from our many years experience working with couples.

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Course Contents
30 lessons in 8 chapters


You should feel a greater sense of connection and understanding of yourself and your partner through the active engagement with the content of this course.

You should have greater awareness and choices available with new tools to use in stressful and difficult situations.


All videos have closed captions (subtitles).

The course is available for 90 days after sign-up.

All PDFs are downloadable.

Value at $139 USD.

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