Couples Work and “The Third”

Rosarium Philosophorum Plate 2 – “The Third”

Couples Therapy as More than Conflict Resolution At Therapy Duo, in Couples therapy, we often take a psycho-educational role and offer very practical tips for resolving couple conflicts. But we are also always aware of another level operating in the couple relationships we see. This level can be hard to pin down and define, and […] Read more

Looking for Living Waters

Clement’s Underwater Shrine Depicted at Chartres Cathedral

The Medieval Experience Living waters are a powerful symbol in ancient texts. Not just texts of language either: above is an image I took earlier this year of one of the pediments to the South Transept at Chartres Cathedral. It’s a detail of the Porch of Martyrs with Saints Theodore, Stephen, Pope Clement and Saint […] Read more

Reflections on the Couple Bubble

Creating a safe relationship that can grow and flourish.  Understand unconscious and conscious agreements and other tips.

Couple Bubble The term couple bubble is gaining currency in couples work. Stan Tatkin, in his book Wired for Love (which we recommend to couples) defines it as: …the mutually constructed membrane, cocoon, or womb that holds a couple together and protects each partner from outside elements. The couple bubble is built on a set […] Read more

I Want To Build Trust But S/he Is Not Trustworthy

Building or rebuilding that subtle bond of trust and truth with an intimate partner.

How to Build Trust? We often see this: the couple want to work on “building trust”. The issue shows up in many different ways. One person may allude to not trusting the other with money, or one person might say “If I am vulnerable it will be used against me later”. And these things may […] Read more

Therapy as Alchemy

The Relational Perspective Psychotherapy and relationship counselling make use of a wide range of theory and practice that’s constantly evolving. In our own field of Gestalt, for example, current practice has developed from a somewhat individualistic perspective to one that is very relational. The true meeting of the therapist(s) with their client(s) (and how they […] Read more