The Subtle Power of Reflective Listening

Practice Reflective Listening in your couple relationship to experience and benefit from its subtle and lasting power.

Couple Arguments When couples come to us saying they have communication issues it is usually due to one or two of the following reasons: Real-World Issues: such as differences of opinion on money, family, debt, children, blended families, houses. Attachment Issues. This often shows up in communication as couples fighting about how they fight. The […] Read more

Go the Other Way

Find new ways through disagreements.  Doing the same thing but expecting different results never works.  Read more to find another way.

The Dynamics in Couple Relationships We wrote in Being Right and Being Wrong about the dynamics that occur between the partners in a couple relationship, and about going beyond right and wrong. We want to go into more depth on this topic. Let’s start with A Course in Miracles, which says: Reason will tell you […] Read more

If You’re Nice to Me, I’ll be Nice to You

Giving to get can never make you happy.  We are wired for reciprocity but only when it’s through genuine care.

Giving to Get It’s that time of year again, the festive season. Families get together to celebrate, partners negotiate how to deal with competing needs. Let’s consider how we may consciously or unconsciously give to get – instead of just giving from our hearts with no need for anything in return. Relationships are often built […] Read more