The Hendricks

Gorilla Consciousness

Non-verbal ways of communicating in an intimate relationship. Body language and other techniques can help when words are missing.

Non-Verbal Communication We recently posted an article on the trio of Attention, Appreciation and Affection from the recent Art of Love 2011 online series. And here’s another snippet from the series that also caught our eye, from an interview with Gay and Kathleen Hendricks on a common issue for couples: how to break potentially endless […] Read more

The Golden Rules of Relationships

Three Golden Rules in a relationship; Feel your feelings, Tell the truth and Keep your commitments.

Let’s Talk About the Rules Let’s talk about the Golden Rules of Relationships. These are the “make or break” rules for increasing intimacy. We either embrace them, or the relationship stagnates (or worse). So here they are. Feel Your Feelings Feel your feelings is about checking in with ourselves, finding out what is really going […] Read more

The Hendricks and the Essential Co-Commitments

Conscious Loving In their impressive book Conscious Loving, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks list the core commitments for transforming co-dependent relationships. What’s a co-dependant relationship? Well, that’s a subject for a whole other post, but at the moment let’s just summarise it as being one in which the partners have made unconscious agreements – to be […] Read more