Sense of Self

Depression, Addictions and Guilt/Shame Cycles

Depression, Addictions and Guilt – Shame Cycles

A Model Both Old and New Here’s a model that can help in understanding depression, addictions and self-esteem issues. The model’s both old and new, deriving from ancient reflective practices, as well as from Jung and beyond, up to contemporary psychotherapy. Although the model may not be the one answer to (for example) substance addiction […] Read more

Psychotherapy: Beyond Self Repair and Improvement

Psychotherapy and Nonduality On the subject of psychotherapy and nonduality,  here’s a beautiful piece by John J. Prendergast that includes this summary on the possibilities as he sees them: It seems that more people are beginning to have intuitions of the insubstantiality of their conditioned self and of an underlying unity with the whole of life. Some of these people happen to […] Read more