I Want To Build Trust But S/he Is Not Trustworthy

Building or rebuilding that subtle bond of trust and truth with an intimate partner.

How to Build Trust? We often see this: the couple want to work on “building trust”. The issue shows up in many different ways. One person may allude to not trusting the other with money, or one person might say “If I am vulnerable it will be used against me later”. And these things may […] Read more

Bert Hoff on The Shadow

Read this interview excerpt on a description of the Shadow from a therapeutic perspective.

The Shadow In the article Bert Hoff on MenWeb and Fathers we shared Bert’s process around reconnecting to a father we possibly never had or didn’t want. Later in the same talk Bert gave a great summary of a psychological concept: the shadow. Bert Hoff Interview So here’s Bert on the shadow (again interviewed by […] Read more

The Golden Rules of Relationships

Three Golden Rules in a relationship; Feel your feelings, Tell the truth and Keep your commitments.

Let’s Talk About the Rules Let’s talk about the Golden Rules of Relationships. These are the “make or break” rules for increasing intimacy. We either embrace them, or the relationship stagnates (or worse). So here they are. Feel Your Feelings Feel your feelings is about checking in with ourselves, finding out what is really going […] Read more