Resources for Couples, Individuals and Families

Legend: Multiplicite de l’engerie, Rajahstan, Anonymous

Legend: Multiplicite de l’engerie, Rajahstan, Anonymous

About This Page

Here’s our index into the resources we offer in person, and on the site. (The resources are listed in alphabetical order.)

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Addictions: Recovery from Drug, Alcohol and Behavioural Addictions



Changes Due to Life Events

Child and Family Issues

Confidence and Self Esteem

Couples Counselling and Marriage Counselling

  • Resolving difficulties with partners and spouses, in marriage, de-facto and new relationship settings.
  • Working with couple communication issues, conflict resolution, relationship breakdown, lack of intimacy, dating.
  • Affairs, breach of trust or betrayal, sexual issues and secrecy in relationships.
  • Working with heterosexual, same sex and transgender couples.
  • Resolving couple issues that extend to children and other family members.
  • See our Summary of Resources for Couples Counselling.


  • Therapy for a wide range of mood difficulties, from serious and debilitating depression to issues such as struggling with mood swings, feeling down or sad, lacking energy and enthusiasm, feeling unmotivated, or having difficulty enjoying experiences.
  • beyondblue: Depression.
  • Black Dog Institute: Depression.

Depth Enquiry

  • DE is a therapeutic extension to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).
  • Amanda has developed DE during the course of her work with clients.
  • Depth Enquiry is a powerful and effective brief process (4 to 6 sessions) for alleviating symptoms associated with trauma.
  • See our Depth Enquiry page.

Eating Disorders

  • Binge Eating Disorder, Binging and Purging (Bulimia), Anorexia.
  • Yo-yo dieting, feeling out of control of eating, emotional eating, excessive concern with weight, size and shape.
  • Body image dissatisfaction.
  • healthdirect: Eating disorders and body image.

Family Counselling and Therapy


Gestalt Psychotherapy

Grief and Loss

  • Dealing with the loss of loved ones, friends or family, through death or illness or other life circumstances.
  • Loss of a pet, job, health or important possessions as triggers for grief.
  • Infertility.
  • Lifeline Australia.

Individual and Personal Counselling & Therapy

Mediation Therapy

Online & Phone Counselling and Therapy

Relationship Counselling

  • Gaining relief from the complexities of interacting with others, the difficulties of forming and maintaining relationships, and conflict resolution.
  • Personal work around relationships with partners, potential partners, spouses, children, work colleagues or friends.
  • Pre-marital and pre-commitment therapy.
  • Working with people in recovery from broken relationships, and during the course of a relationship breakdown.
  • See our Relationship Counselling resource.
  • healthdirect: Relationships.

Sexual Difficulties

  • Loss of libido or desire for sex, lack of sexual enjoyment, fear of sex, erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation, pain, performance anxiety.
  • Mismatched sex drives in a relationship, or differences in sexual preferences or expectations.
  • See our Sexual and Sensual Intimacy Program.

Sleep Difficulties

  • Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, early morning awakening, broken sleep, or un-refreshing sleep.
  • healthdirect: Sleep disorders.

Spiritual, Mindful and Soul-based Inquiries

Stress Management

  • Managing the stress of isolation, time pressure, work and the workplace, career, lifestyle, family, children, life responsibilities.
  • Performance pressure, financial pressure, competing demands, social obligations, existential concerns, illness.
  • healthdirect: Stress Management.
  • Help Guide: Stress Management.

Transgender and Transitioning

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Wellbeing and Performance

  • Enhancing wellbeing, effectiveness, and enjoyment in the areas of work, career, leisure, relationships, family, and work / life balance.
  • mindhealthconnect: Wellbeing.

Workplace Issues