Resources for Couples Counselling & Therapy

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About This Page

This page brings together a selection from our full set of resources. The selection shown here is relevant to Couples Counselling and Therapy.

About Relationship Beakdown

  • Are You Sure It’s Over?
  • The Life of The Relationship.
  • Relationship Breakdown and Closure.
  • Relationship Breakdown and Children.

The Adult Attachment Model

  • What is Adult Attachment Theory?
  • Islands and Waves.
  • An Example – in Action.

A Bowen Approach Primer

  • The Eight Bowen Concepts.

Couples and Neurobiology

  • Conscious Partnership.
  • The Goal of a Couple Relationship.
  • Developing New Neural Pathways.

A Depth-Psychology View of Relationship

  • The Depth Psychology Model.
  • There are 6 relationships!

Mediation Therapy for Couples and Families

  • What is It?
  • How is It Different from Normal Therapy?
  • What Mediation Therapy is Not.

Online & Phone Counselling and Therapy

  • For Busy People.
  • …or Geographically Distant.

Reflective Listening

  • Couple Arguments.
  • What happens in Bad Communication.
  • How to Do Reflective Listening.

Relationship Counselling

  • Gaining relief from the complexities of interacting with others, the difficulties of forming and maintaining relationships, and conflict resolution.
  • Personal work around relationships with partners, potential partners, spouses, children, work colleagues or friends.
  • Pre-marital and pre-commitment therapy.
  • Working with people in recovery from broken relationships, and during the course of a relationship breakdown.

Security Questions

  • Is this a practical question or a Security question?
  • The benefits of understanding which is which.
  • This blog post discusses an issue particularly important to those of an overtly anxious attachment type.

Sexual and Sensual Intimacy Program

  • What is SIP?
  • Looking at the Blocks to Intimacy.

Staemmler’s Schemes: Meanings & Behaviours

  • How Interactions Trigger Couple Members.
  • Meanings Informed by Many Factors.
  • Working with the Model.

Three Simple Sentences

  • How We Argue.
  • Stopping the Arguments!

Twelve Timeless Tips for Revitalising Your Relationship

  • Try these 12 Simple Tips in your own relationship.
  • Tested by and on the Authors 🙂

Wabi Sabi and Relationship Counselling

  • What is Wabi Sabi?
  • The Wabi Sabi Approach to Relationships.

What is a Relational Counsellor?

  • The idea of the Relational.
  • What Makes a Good Relational Counsellor?

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