Resources for Couples Counselling & Therapy

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About This Page

This page brings together a selection from our full set of resources. The selection shown here is relevant to Couples Counselling and Therapy.

What to expect if you come to one of us for couples therapy.

About Relationship Beakdown

  • Are You Sure It’s Over?
  • The Life of The Relationship.
  • Relationship Breakdown and Closure.
  • Relationship Breakdown and Children.

The Adult Attachment Model

  • What is Adult Attachment Theory?
  • Islands and Waves.
  • An Example – in Action.

A Bowen Approach Primer

  • The Eight Bowen Concepts.

Couples and Neurobiology

  • Conscious Partnership.
  • The Goal of a Couple Relationship.
  • Developing New Neural Pathways.

A Depth-Psychology View of Relationship

  • The Depth Psychology Model.
  • There are 6 relationships!

Mediation Therapy for Couples and Families

  • What is It?
  • How is It Different from Normal Therapy?
  • What Mediation Therapy is Not.

Online & Phone Counselling and Therapy

  • For Busy People.
  • …or Geographically Distant.

Reflective Listening

  • Couple Arguments.
  • What happens in Bad Communication.
  • How to Do Reflective Listening.

Relationship Counselling

  • Gaining relief from the complexities of interacting with others, the difficulties of forming and maintaining relationships, and conflict resolution.
  • Personal work around relationships with partners, potential partners, spouses, children, work colleagues or friends.
  • Pre-marital and pre-commitment therapy.
  • Working with people in recovery from broken relationships, and during the course of a relationship breakdown.

Security Questions

  • Is this a practical question or a Security question?
  • The benefits of understanding which is which.
  • This blog post discusses an issue particularly important to those of an overtly anxious attachment type.

Sexual and Sensual Intimacy Program

  • What is SIP?
  • Looking at the Blocks to Intimacy.

Staemmler’s Schemes: Meanings & Behaviours

  • How Interactions Trigger Couple Members.
  • Meanings Informed by Many Factors.
  • Working with the Model.

Three Simple Sentences

  • How We Argue.
  • Stopping the Arguments!

Twelve Timeless Tips for Revitalising Your Relationship

  • Try these 12 Simple Tips in your own relationship.
  • Tested by and on the Authors :)

Wabi Sabi and Relationship Counselling

  • What is Wabi Sabi?
  • The Wabi Sabi Approach to Relationships.

What is a Relational Counsellor?

  • The idea of the Relational.
  • What Makes a Good Relational Counsellor?

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