Gestalt Psychotherapy

About This Page

This page provides a summary of our resources relating to Gestalt Psychotherapy. Click on the links to learn more about these topics.

Gestalt History and Theory – An Overview

  • A summary of the history and theory of Gestalt Psychotherapy.
  • The influences on the development of Gestalt.
  • How Gestalt differs from other approaches.

Staemmler’s Schemes: Meanings & Behaviours

  • A overview of Staemmler’s Schemes of interaction in Couple relationships.
  • An example of how they play out in a Couple relationship.

Beisser – The Paradoxical Theory of Change

  • Beisser’s original paper The Paradoxical Theory of Change.
  • The importance of this theory to the Gestalt approach.

Reflections on Self and Field in Gestalt & Elsewhere [PDF]

  • An article written by one of us (Ron), while a Gestalt student, reflecting on the Gestalt concept of the Field.
  • The article appeared in the Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand Vol 2 No 2 May 2006.