Sexual Intimacy Programme (SIP)

Do You Want That Honeymoon Feeling Back?

Do you want sex to be like it was when you first met? Have routines, children or resentments derailed your sexual intimacy? SIP may be just what you’re looking for.

What is SIP?

SIP is a short term programme (7–10 sessions) that offers specific activities and exercises to revitalise your sex life. There is a reflective component, to learn about yourself and your partner. This helps create or re-establish a sensually intimate connection, and sets a foundation for continued exploration and development. We give you tools to use and reuse, to further deepen your connection after the programme ends.

We’re Built For This

Our bodies and hearts are built for intimate connection. We crave it. But you might find (maybe after the first blush of romantic delight has passed) that it’s gone stale. It feels like there’s a block, killing erotic delight.

Looking at the Blocks to Intimacy

Do you have resentments you’re afraid to bring openly into discussions with your partner? Is there a sense of shame about your body, your sexual needs, the flavour of your desires? Is there something you can’t accept about your partner? Do you feel intimidated? Undervalued? Do you have to hide delicate parts of yourself when you meet sexually? The possibilities are many, subtle, and often repressed from our awareness, let alone that of our partner.

Evidence Shows SIP Works

We’ve seen great results with couples who’ve completed SIP. It really puts your sex life back in focus and creates clarity around intimacy in your relationship. Couples report that SIP changes their relationship both inside and outside the bedroom, creating greater intimacy, affection and dialogue about important issues.

If you’re looking for your relationship to be a long-term loving commitment then SIP is an excellent investment.

Give us a call if you want further information. (We offer a discount if the full programme is paid for in advance.)