Articles on Soul-based Psychotherapy and Dreams

These articles are about working with the yearnings of the Soul in Psychotherapy: on what the Soul is and how we can work to give it voice. They’re also about working with our dreams, both in formal Therapy and in our private dream life.

Couples Work and “The Third”

Rosarium Philosophorum Plate 2 – “The Third”

Couples Therapy as More than Conflict Resolution At Therapy Duo, in Couples therapy, we often take a psycho-educational role and offer very practical tips for resolving couple conflicts. But we are also always aware of another level operating in the couple relationships we see. This level can be hard to pin down and define, and […] Read more

What is Soul? … and Does it Matter?

What is Soul | Storyteller | Inuit Bone Carving

The Material World – Where is Soul? Ours is said to be an age predominantly of materialism. We’ve deconstructed so many stories and beliefs and, with the aid of science, have commonly settled on the view that the world is dead matter and available for use in almost any way. A problem is that this […] Read more

Dogs in Dream and Reverie

Dogs in Dream and Reverie

The Irrepressible Dog Living in the city we see daily the reverence and attention that people give to their dogs. At our nearby harbour-side dog park there’s rich energy – frivolous, wild, serious things happen between the dogs down there (and between their owners!) Despite our lives becoming increasing embedded in the infrastructures of the […] Read more